Rarely does a freshman college football player make as much of an impact as Marcus Lattimore has made for the South Carolina football team this year.  He has ran with speed and power and is going to the the Gamecocks to the SEC Championship game in a few weeks.  He is also an excellent receiver out of the backfield.  He is on pace to have over 20 touchdowns and should be one of the top NFL prospects in the next few years.

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Lattimore has excelled in a tough conference and against some of the toughest defenses in the country.  If you go down to SC you will see many of the fans wearing their Marcus Lattimore jersey to support the team in their drive to an SEC crown. Spurrier has these guys playing at a very high level and they already beat a top 3 ranked Bama earlier in the year.

South Carolina will have a tough time in the SEC title game but if they play the same way they have all season they should have a chance.  They have to have a balanced attack and not turn the ball over, as turnovers really kill any chance you have of winning the football game.

Even if they do not win it and go to a BCS bowl, he will be back for at least one more year and probably more.  Running backs normally do best staying in school a few years and maturing before making the leap to the big leagues.

If he can keep this up I bet he will be a top 5 candidate for the Heisman trophy next year when he returns as a sophomore.  When you play in the SEC you get noticed really quickly if you have a few big games against some of the toughest teams in the nation. It should be an interesting end to college football season over the next month or two.